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We want to rent to you!  We find and purchase residential properties to expand behavioral health care centers. When reviewing a potential property, we look for key things we in a property:

Accessibility and Picking a city for the long term.

Choose a property located in a city that is best suited for longevity, with low impact from potential competitors. Location can also improve the experience of your clients! Is it near freeways and shopping centers that make it more functional? 


Finding the right fit.

A minimal number of neighbors is always preferable, as it will lower the risk of smoking complaints, noise complaints, and the like. Having a corner lot or a property that backs up to a busy street or industrial area will allow you to conduct your business more freely.


Does the property present well?

It is important to verify the last repairs and maintenance done on a property. A fresh paint job, new appliances, generous room size, side yards, backyards, driveway and garage space are just a few of the things that you should look for.


Layout Vs. Size.

Does the house have space that can allow for the daily operations of an assisted living facility, such as rooms that can fit two beds and a room that allows for an office setting? Do the common areas have enough space for staff and clients? Sometimes a layout can work even if the square footage seems low!

Client comfort.

Tenant comfortability is key! To achieve this, look for elements like central heating and AC, plumbing that is up to date and can handle high use, and outdoor spaces that can accommodate smoking and lounging without affecting neighbors.


Keeping track of the legalities.

Our President, Justin, used to run a JCOH behavioral health care center so we are well versed in industry accreditations.  We look out for any un-permitted add-ons that could affect the licensing process when looking for a property. We understand your needs as a residential treatment facility and can help you navigate through these processes.

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